J is for Jejune


JEJUNE means nothing interesting.


Tell me are you interested in these words?

JIGAMAREE – meaning a thingamajig; ridiculous

JIGGUMBOB – meaning a thingamabob; something strange

Jejune, isn’t it?

I’ll share with you what isn’t JEJUNE, JIGAMAREE, and JIGGUMBOB.

Would you believe it, I met a witch
She invited me to clambake feast
It’s kind of scary
Not her, the poetry
Her? Lunawitch, she’s beauty and the best!

For Lunawitch Poetry Month Clambake — Week 2!

Thanks Luna for the clam on Week 1!

shared clams

Nope, it’s not my poem that I’m telling you that isn’t JEJUNE, JIGAMAREE, and JIGGUMBOB.

It’s Luna’s  Epic Lyrical Poem — her own life story in HERE HERE HERE!

If I got only one wish this month here in blogland it is this —

I wish you’ll check her

It’s not for her but for you

PLEASE go and say Hi

Everyone, there’s no way you could be jejune!


Lean yet mighty

Lead sharp and clear

Pushed to sharp edges

Life shortened each time

Never complained

Continuously served

Up to the very end

My mighty role model

My sharp pencil

For Jingle Poetry on Idol, Role Model and Mentor

For the mighty warrior in you.

Goliath fell down

A stone in a slingshot

Who’s the force behind?

For me to not forget the Almighty.





spoonful of hope : save the soul

Dying soul recoup

Take a spoonful of hope

Feel how it spread in loop

And make you start to grope.

Once, it was so dark

But now you can see a spark

Once, it was so chilly

But now it is balmy.

As if born anew

You will start, you knew

A new life is waiting

Recoup wonderful being.