When life is unfair to you,
retaliate and be very unfair!

When people treat you so bad,
shoot them with prayer!

When surrounded with negativity,
hurl them with positivity!

When somebody puts you down,
kick them higher!

When attacked by depression,
Punch it and say, โ€œYou canโ€™t get me!โ€

Who wants life to be fair?
Surely not you! RETALIATE!

Whew! That feels good!

How was it when you were a thorn and somebody turned you into a crown?

Did you wish life should be fair?

G is for Grrr


Have you ever been so ANGRRRY that you GRRROWL like a GORILLA?

You actually looked like a gorilla, right?

Before you run into the mirror to confirm I want to share this letter with you.

Dear bendedspoon,

Anger was created to mobilize you to act upon something that may harm you and those you love. It is not meant to be your best friend!

Anger is an acid. In right dose, it cleanse. In overdose and prolonged exposure, it destroys. Don’t let it eat you up little by little.

Take Care,
The Physician

Now run to the mirror if you still want to see that grrrowling gorilla.

Then ask yourself, “Why do gorillas have big nostrils?”

Because they have big fingers!

I hope you are not angrrry with me.


D is for Duh


Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels are the stars in DUMB and DUMBER. And I star in DUMBEST!

For tasting my daughter’s poo when she was a toddler 12 years ago! I am feeding her with lentil soup and next thing I know I picked up what seemed to be a mung bean and put it in my mouth. Yuck!

You think I learned my lesson in not eating my kiddos left over (yeah in this case it’s spill over)? Well, I learn to eat only what’s left in the plate.

My kiddos think this story is hilarious but it’s not funny for me at the time. But now I learn to smile about it because I felt it empowered me. What is there to fear more than poo? Tigger? Ha, hear me roar!

With my dumbest, it’s now your turn to share and let’s see how dumb, oops how human, you are.

I will be DELIGHTED if you share but most of all if you have stopped beating yourself and have moved on. If not yet, please remember DAVID from the rooftop

Peace Talk


P-en your anger then throw the paper, not at him.

E-njoy your sleep so let go of your grievance, not him.

A-sk for forgiveness for being a mess, not because of him.

C-ome unload your heavy baggages, not on him.

E-xpress your prayer and be at peace, with Him.


For Jingle Poetry on Peace, Relaxation and Spirituality.


For me and my hubby. For my blog friends and their partners.


T-ake time to count from one to ten

A-nger still boiling?

L-ead yourself to talk to Him

K-eep the peace within


For a peaceful and blessed day!



I ask myself


hurt angel

Why carry a hurt

and put garbage

in your heart?

Why carry a pain

and park it

in your brain?

And I don’t have an answer.

Do you?