Dear Mary


Dear Mary,

In 23 days you’ll give birth to baby Jesus. I know your worries since this is the first time you’ll be giving birth. I remember the first time I gave birth, I screamed a lot in pain and fear! The public hospital rejected me because they have an apprehension if they can handle me and my baby’s safety. So I have to gave birth in a clinic.

For the succeeding babies it became easier to give birth or should I say I knew better to tolerate the pains rather than scream! It might have gone easier but the pain in my heart got heavier each time. I have been trying to accept that for each truckload of joy there seemingly came with it a bundle of pain. Oops where I am now? Back to you Mary.

What I am trying to say is thank you for bearing all the pains so that we can have our Savior! Thank you for being an inspiration. When I feel so weak and in pain, I think of you. Of how strong and blessed you are because you know God is with you. With me too, right?

Take care now and I will be celebrating with you — with your mamahood!

Blessed too,


For Deb.

For Theresa.

For Linda.

For Jay.

For Maggie.

For Eileen.

For Amy.

For Ann.

For Judy.

For Lynda.

For Jamie.

For Tisha.

For Pat.

For Maricel.

For Stef.

For Treasure.

For Sibyl.

For Juliet.

For my Mama.

For all the Mamas who read this.

For all the women who know.

Oh God, I love these women 🙂