J is for Jejune


JEJUNE means nothing interesting.


Tell me are you interested in these words?

JIGAMAREE – meaning a thingamajig; ridiculous

JIGGUMBOB – meaning a thingamabob; something strange

Jejune, isn’t it?

I’ll share with you what isn’t JEJUNE, JIGAMAREE, and JIGGUMBOB.

Would you believe it, I met a witch
She invited me to clambake feast
It’s kind of scary
Not her, the poetry
Her? Lunawitch, she’s beauty and the best!

For Lunawitch Poetry Month Clambake — Week 2!

Thanks Luna for the clam on Week 1!

shared clams

Nope, it’s not my poem that I’m telling you that isn’t JEJUNE, JIGAMAREE, and JIGGUMBOB.

It’s Luna’s  Epic Lyrical Poem — her own life story in HERE HERE HERE!

If I got only one wish this month here in blogland it is this —

I wish you’ll check her

It’s not for her but for you

PLEASE go and say Hi

Everyone, there’s no way you could be jejune!



Meaning something that is worthless or trivial or unimportant.

Why waste so much effort in writing and pronouncitiaticazating er pronouzing — Ok, in saying it! In saying it to describe something trivial? Oh men why do we make our lives so complicated?

Is there a need to say, “You are floccinaucinihilipilification too!” to somebody who said that you are floccinaucinihilipilification? That you are not good enough? That you are not beautiful?

Yes you can but be sure that you can pronounce it perfectly! I could not *sigh*.

Otherwise let’s just move on and accept that we can’t demand others to love us.

But never stop loving and doing something and appreciating and believing and…

FORGIVE the floccinaucinihilipilification, you are beautiful.

FORGET the floccinaucinihilipilification, you are amazing.

Go ahead be beautifully amazing. You are originally designed as such by the Artist.


Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!

I’m clapping for you who are reading this! I’m so happy that you are well today!

We clap to show our appreciation and amusement. We usually do it for others but it’s good to clap for ourselves too. See what it can do to you by clapping the moment you wake up and say your praise or declare that, “I will have a wonderful day today! I will make it happen!”

Not all though is happy to see you clapping. If this makes you uneasy then practice one hand clapping which now brings us to the age-old question, “What is the sound of one hand clapping?”

Now please allow me to clap in appreciation for a wonderful C blessing — Creative Blog Award!

Thank you so much Deirdra of A Storybook World! Deirdra is a professional writer and illustrator and looks like she is a fairy too — see her fairy wings!

Oh God I feel so C today — CONTENTED. Far from what I felt a few years ago…

When I was a little miss
I had only one Sunday dress
Its color is yellow
And I love it so
Each Sunday I was excited
Smiling as I get dressed
I felt like a princess
With my yellow dress
When I turned into a woman
I had more clothes than some
But funny how I felt less
Stressed and depressed
Having more isn’t being more
If inside I felt so poor.


For Jingle Poetry on Photographs, Memories, and Nostalgia.

Can we now CHEER UP and CLAP? One or two hands, it’s good for us!



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With gladness in my heart I am passing to you the award!

May it brighten your day, and your night, and your dawn just like it did mine when these 19 wonderful versatile people shared the award to me — Blaga, Magdalena, Becca, Luna, Paulo, Lady Nimue, Bodhirose, Cold Dead HeartRashmi, ChimneseLindaCarleenLouise, PatDragonkatet,  AB Thomas , Chris , Chimnese and Pett. To the magic 19, thank you so much for bringing smiles and good thoughts!


  1. Thank the person who awarded you and link back to them in your post.
  2. Tell 7 random facts about yourself.
  3. Pass the award on to 15 new found bloggers.
  4. Contact each blogger you want to pass the award on to and let them know you’ve done so, and let the giver of your award know you accept it.

You really think I won’t bend the rules? Come on, of course I will! 🙂
1. Old (not pertaining to age) blogger to whom I passed the award, shhhh.
2. If you can’t post this please share your 7  random facts in the comments.
3. If you don’t want to post or share your 7 please just listen to this.

And here’s the 7 ordinary facts about me:

One day I’ll manage my own wellness spa.
Two-timer, I am not. Too crazy, maybe.
The Three Little Kittens, I enjoyed reciting to my kiddos.
Four months to go before my 1st year blogoversary.
Five years, that’s how long it took me to graduate as an engineer.
Six course meal, that I can prepare for any occasion.
Seven times, I already forgave more than that! Seventy seven times? Oh Oh Oh


I am scared

I am busy

I am nobody

I don’t matter

I will fail

I am not good enough…

Don’t wear your Iglasses

and make endless excuses

why you’re not honoring the gifts

that you have been blessed.

Please try at least, don’t resist

or better yet, use contactSense.

For Thursday Poets Rally Week 39.

For my fears and for failing to vote for The Celebrate Poet of Spring in 2011!

I failed and still I am blessed to be one of the winners! How amazing is that?

Thank God for the holy pen that won me a cool penguin!

Thank God for the cool and wonderful poets who voted for me!

Here they are to guide you to their poems that gave me a smile!


Dragon’s Dream

Scent of My Heart

David (1MereMortal)



Pat Cegan



Becca Givens



Jamie Dedes

Life: Between the lines

Rhyme Me a Smile

Thank you so much and congratulations to everyone!

Click, check, and smile!


Full Thank


Perfect Poet huh?

Blessed with pleasant surprise

I smile and bow.


Thank you soooo much arbiters of Poets Rally Week 38  for The Perfect Poet Award! Thank you for appreciating my pawn LIFE IS A GAME OF CHESS! Checkmate…I won! And I nominate Lonely Recluse!

There is no limit

to gifts that may be given

the Source overflows.


Thank you God for the gifts each day!

Are you now ready

for the shower of blessings?

Yes? It will be cool!


Thank you friends for appreciating your blessings!




Tara has been doing that and beyond.

Tara is a wife to a member of US Navy and a young mom of 2 beautiful daughters.

Tara was a stroke patient who learned to walk again. Her left side of the body once lost the ability to feel thus, burnt herself a number of times.

Tara has a sight loss.

Tara has prosopagnosia meaning she will never see the same face twice — not even her own face. So never get tired of meeting her again and again and again. You will be glad that you meet her anyway — again and again and again!

Tara’s words are full of hope and wisdom. She said this, “I am glad to realize that even though you may not have sight, does not mean that you cannot have a vision.” And this, “Remember we all lose something at times; however, when that loss has cleared away, what is remaining may turn into our newest prized possessions.”

Tara’s incredible spirit of positivity can inspire us to push our limit of what we think we are capable of doing; of giving thanks; of celebrating. Maybe we can learn from her. She actually wants us to celebrate with her — hear her here.

Tara, in our language it means ‘LET’S GO’. Shall we now go to her and say Hi? Don’t be surprised if you find her awesome because she truly is!


Why Me?


“This could not be happening to me! Why me?”

When bad things happen we have the tendency to lament and ask, “Why me?”

Why me? Why me? Why oh why me!

Why not?

Why not ask it when we receive our daily graces?

I have the choice to stand up and move on. Why me?

I have fantastic blog friends. Why me?

I have 4 kiddos who kiss and hug me. Why me?

I have a hubby who asked for forgiveness. Why me?

I have a God who saved me. Why me?

“This could not be happening to me! Why me? Why me?”


Ever imagine ‘Why me?’ to sound this good?


Bat Mind Return


Batman Returns -- Thanks Google

The animal kingdom
Sought the counsel of the Bat
For the problem that they got
It says the same words and it works.

The Lioness paid a visit,
“I want to divorce my Lion
He doesn’t care for my pride.”
Then the Bat advised…

The Bear paid a visit,
“I don’t want to live any longer
I don’t have my honey anymore.”
Then the Bat advised…

The Ant paid a visit,
“I’m quitting
There’s no way to reach the top of the anthill.”
Then the Bat advised…

The Crab paid a visit,
“I no longer want to follow my dream
What with those crab mentality?”
Then the Bat advised…

The Bumble Bee paid a visit,
“I’m loosing hope
I can’t find job and I don’t want to be a bum.”
Then the Bat advised…

Then one day they all return to Bat
To say thanks for their better life
All because they follow its advice

I visited the Bat too and asked,
“Where do you get that wisdom?”
And it answered, “From my Creator
who told me to hang on and I obey.”

I shared this entry to Idylls For the King and I encourage you all to submit your fiction, poetry and lyrics that glorify God. Go go go for God!

Blessings to everyone as we hang on to Him!

And I’m soooo thankful that my underwear is the same color!

Believe me it means lesser worries but still I have to sneak in the hallway!

If you are going to ask me the color of my pants, sorry my lips are zipped.

I will only open it up to ask you this — When your life seems to break, does your outside match your inside?

Are you grateful that it matched? That it didn’t matched?

Are you sneaking that they won’t notice the difference?

I believe that my zipper broke for a reason —

that I may hear and learn from your wisdom again!


Sure we have given thanks to the blessings we got!

How about the one on its way, did we say thank you already?

Lord thank you for the wonderful day I am having tomorrow!

Thank you for the smiles I will give and receive!

And yes thank you for the hugs! I won’t let go unless they hug me back!

Thank you for the steaming hot rice, clean drinking water and the surprise viand on our dining table tomorrow!

Thank you for the rain! Oh if it doesn’t rain, thank you for the sunshine then!

Thank you for the sunshine! No worry if you send rain, I have my umbrella!

How possible are those blessings tomorrow?

What? We are not sure if we will have tomorrow?

Then we have more reasons to give thanks now.

After all I haven’t heard of wasted thanks, have you?

As for me, I am giving thanks now of what I will receive tomorrow and be excited about it!

Oh well, we can be excited for the blessings on the coming weeks, months, years and even eternity!

Willing to share of what you will give thanks?


Dear Santa, I run out of stationery...

Dear Santa,

It’s 25 days before Christmas and I would like to let you know these:

1.  I will no longer tell my kiddos that you are coming to town.

2.  The kiddos will no longer see their mommy kissing Santa Claus.

3.  The kiddos will no longer wonder why Santa gave them gifts but their mom did not!

4. The kiddos will know who wrapped those gifts. Nah, it’s not the elves!

So, this is goodbye I guess but for whatever it’s worth, here’s again my “Thank You!” for the wooden alphabet block when I was 3. Loved  it!

Merry Christmas Santa!

rea here, with thanks!

P.S.1 – Just in case your sleigh passes through here, please throw in books by Keri Smith but be careful with the iPad. Turn it over smoothly. Okay?

P.S.2 – You know what I really want, right? It’s ok if you don’t have the capacity to give it. I know someone who can. Take care now. I won’t forget your rosy cheeks and your HO HO HO!


What are your Christmas wishes? Would love to pray for it 🙂

Thank God for the apple seed!

This is according to me — this how to — but if you echo the same thought then it is according to us! Sweet!

Gratitude is a domino effect leading to the Source of all things and when you are connected to the Source you can’t help it but be good!

When I’m thankful for an apple it goes like this…

“This apple is really good! numnumnum

Thanks apple tree! numnumnum

Thanks apple seed! numnumnum

Thanks God! numnumnum

Oh God, You’re sooo good! numnumnum

I got to be good too — despite that the apple is gone now!”

Am I quirky? Oh why do I ask when I know it’s Yes!

Thank God!

Now let’s appreciate an apple pie.

Remember the Ingredients!


Maraming Salamat!



I am thankful for this note!

Lucky are the ones in the country who celebrates Thanksgiving

— everyone is in a grateful mood!

Heartfelt gratitude and smiles are blessings itself

— another reason to be thankful for!

So may I join the celebration for I have so many things to thank God too?

But don’t worry I won’t list everything in here — just this..

For Godly thoughts THANK YOU Theresa, Deb, Linda, Ann, Eric!

For arts and crafts THANK YOU Alan, Judith, Lynda, Linda!

For smiles THANK YOU Maricel, Stef, JMJ, Darya, Chef E,  Jamie!

For call to action THANK YOU Linda, Tisha, Theresa, Sibyl, Serg, DarrenSimon!

For inspiring resiliency THANK YOU Maggie, Amy, Soul Diaries, Treasure, Eileen, Pat!

For everyone who comes in here THANK YOU!

For those who offer friendship THANK YOU!




Presenting Linda!



Wonder Woman - thanks google!


Not Wonder Woman Lynda Carter but the WONDERFUL Lindas whom I’m honored to meet here in blogosphere!

1st, Linda Kruschke. She’s a lawyer. No I’m not saying that because, “You have the right to remain silent…” I just want to say that I like her because she’s not judgmental but God committal. You know you want to read her Legal, Social, and Absolute Tolerance and other posts with in-depth analysis. Read it and be blessed!

2nd, Linda Hewett of Positive Spin. She’s a Confidence Coach and Writer. She wants to try to solve your problems so go tell her, it’s free! But first you would want to check her posts which are inspiring, enlightening, interesting, amazing and all positive INGS you can think of. Psst, please smile back at her and see how good it feels.

3rd, Linda Lewis of Lulu’s Musings. She’s a collage, a creator, a dreamer, an optimist and so many things! How could I not like her when most of her interests are mine too.  I love checking her place because there is so much energy and creativity in there. And one more thing, I love her hair!

4th, Lynda Roberts of Echostains. Yes she’s not Linda but still she’s wonderful! I couldn’t forget the fun I had when she invited me to join her Van Gogh poetry challenge – I had a very good laugh with my Ugh Van Gogh. Her place is full of art – sculptures, paintings, designs, and even typewriter art. Go check her place and delight your heART!

This is about Wonder Woman after all. Mama, you’re not included in here because your name isn’t Linda but you are a Wonder Woman!

Any Wonder Woman in your life that you want to share? Yes, the name need not be Linda.



The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss


Thank you Tisha for making me stop and appreciate. Keep on inspiring with your Biz Mommy!

What makes my heart swell? Here are 3!

1.  Us — my hubby, my kiddos and I, taking turn reading Dr. Seuss book and having a good laugh! “Left foot, right foot, feet, feet, feet. How many feet you meet.”

2.  Whenever one of us cook (hubby, me or 1 of the kiddos) and we all say, “Delicious! Thank you!”

3.  When we show and say how much we value each other. Like the excitement on my kiddos faces each time I come home plus hugs, kisses and I love yous! I thank God sooo much for that!

What’s your 3 things? Please share it in your place or in the comments — got to hear that!


green salads with DRESSing


This is a DESPERATE ATTEMPT to combine food and fashion!

If you want to check what is this all about

and who suggested these veggie, fruit and pie idea for dress style

please check comments on my previous post


This is more of an encouragement to Melissa,

the fashion designer, to come up with book on veggie fashion.

For now, please be contented with my sketches

but the recipes in here are all from the experts.

Check it on these links and enjoy cooking with fashion!






cool, hot and sweet STYLE

Ladies, I know this is not what you imagined it to be,

I just want you to know that I value your comments and suggestions.

So here’s my flavored THANK YOU!


reaL lucky!


i am lucky i can write right now

you are lucky you can read RED

i am lucky for smiling at you

you are lucky for smiling back

we are lucky that we meet

admit it! admit it!

any lucky story to share?

please share it and  you will get something back

more than fair share

believe it! believe it!


Joy Tizon

1. My Mother. She had me made a dress each recognition day of my elementary days. Each year for 6 years I had a new dress! Yipee!

2. My Father. He played scrabble and chess with me when I was a kiddo. He must be proud of me when I won just like I am now with my son!

3. My Siblings. They’re awesome in their own ways. More awesome than me!

4. My Hubby. I wonder how could he love me, hate me, love me, hate me, love me!

5. My Kiddos. My heart swells!

6. God. He is also the wonder of my life!

7. Joy. She’s my dear friend since college. She’s the 1st friend who really got close to my heart and her smile is the sweetest. And it’s her birthday today — Happy Birthday Joy!

Just 7 for now though I got a whole lot more like my pliers, paint brushes and colored pens. Really just 7 for now.

This entry is here to create wonder and share with you what is written on my heart. Can you please share some of yours?


I have a JOB!

How can I hate a JOB?

It’s a hug

It’s love

It’s kisses

It’s funny antics

It’s a prayer

It’s a frown

It’s a tantrum

It’s a battle

It’s a scar

It’s grrrr

Everyday is Valentine’s Day,

Resurrection, Halloween,

Mother’s Day and Thanksgiving

Sweet, saucy, spicy or scary

That’s my JOB – Jar Of Blessings!

What is yours?