Nothing works without God. God is the miracle worker.

Nothing is more fun than honoring your inner child. He plays with the kiddos; my heart giggles.

Nothing good you do is without a reward. He works hard; thank God for the reward.

Nothing taste as good as home cooked meal. He cooks really well; I eat well.

Nothing compares to him. Who is comparing? I love him.

Nothing can stop you from celebrating. It’s our 13th Wedding Anniversary!

Can we drink to that? I prepared an ice cold lemonade for you. Yeah it’s a bit sour but just add your sweetness and it will be pretty cool…just like life.

And oh you can or can not use the last straw.


Dear Joseph


Thank you for heeding the angel that you take Mary as your wife who’s already conceiving with Jesus. Thank you for protecting her on the way to Bethlehem and knocking on inns. Thank you for being considerate, faithful and loving husband!

Thank you for being Jesus’ earthly father, for being a good teacher, provider and builder. Truly you are a man of character who’s fit to be a family man. Thank you for treating Him like your own child – the child who will save us!

Thank you for the inspiration that you are to all men for loving, valuing and leading the family towards God.

I respect you deeply,


For Sergio.

For Eric.

For Alan.

For Simon.

For Hubby.

For Papa.

For all Dads who who love their kiddos and wives.

For all men who honor God.

You’re the man! 🙂

Joy Tizon

1. My Mother. She had me made a dress each recognition day of my elementary days. Each year for 6 years I had a new dress! Yipee!

2. My Father. He played scrabble and chess with me when I was a kiddo. He must be proud of me when I won just like I am now with my son!

3. My Siblings. They’re awesome in their own ways. More awesome than me!

4. My Hubby. I wonder how could he love me, hate me, love me, hate me, love me!

5. My Kiddos. My heart swells!

6. God. He is also the wonder of my life!

7. Joy. She’s my dear friend since college. She’s the 1st friend who really got close to my heart and her smile is the sweetest. And it’s her birthday today — Happy Birthday Joy!

Just 7 for now though I got a whole lot more like my pliers, paint brushes and colored pens. Really just 7 for now.

This entry is here to create wonder and share with you what is written on my heart. Can you please share some of yours?