I have a JOB!

How can I hate a JOB?

It’s a hug

It’s love

It’s kisses

It’s funny antics

It’s a prayer

It’s a frown

It’s a tantrum

It’s a battle

It’s a scar

It’s grrrr

Everyday is Valentine’s Day,

Resurrection, Halloween,

Mother’s Day and Thanksgiving

Sweet, saucy, spicy or scary

That’s my JOB – Jar Of Blessings!

What is yours?

Princess D


Debbie Dela Roca

there’s this lady

whom i call Princess D

she poked my curiosity

because of this crown thingy.

so far i like being with her

she’s such an intelligent charmer

and i just found out she’s a runner

no wonder i can connect with her.



spoonful of hope : save the soul

Dying soul recoup

Take a spoonful of hope

Feel how it spread in loop

And make you start to grope.

Once, it was so dark

But now you can see a spark

Once, it was so chilly

But now it is balmy.

As if born anew

You will start, you knew

A new life is waiting

Recoup wonderful being.