I gathered my courage and wits to say this,

“I don’t know what to write!”

Dickens you know I am a chicken

but for Lynda I will be a wolverine!


Oliver Twist I am glad that you’re not twisted

despite that you were amidst a wicked environment.

What is your secret for remaining pure-hearted?

Tell us all Oliver that we may learn.


Ebenezer Scrooge why so sour, greedy and stingy

when your stay on earth is only temporary?

Thanks to Jacob Marley and the 3 Ghosts of Christmases

you were transformed to a generous and compassionate fella!


Isn’t it great to wake up with joy and love in the heart?

Wait do I hear A Christmas Carol?

What are we waiting for — let’s sing now!

Merry Christmas!


Lynda thanks for inviting me to the poetry challenge even though you very well know that my entry is less of a poem but more on fun and smile.