Day 30: No More Tricks or Threats


Ghosts haunt the Mommy

Free her from bondage

Jack, Oh let her go

No more tricks or threats

Enough with your rules

For a hollow win


For The Gooseberry Garden on Halloween – Trick or Treat?!

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It’s Day 30 of Feeling Good! No more tricks or threats — just truths and triumphs!


Triumph over feeling of insecurities;

Truth is you are wonderfully made.

Triumph over feeling of worthlessness;

Truth is you are precious.


Feel good. Enough with put downs. Enough with self-defeating attitudes.


Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. – John 8:32


8 Responses to “Day 30: No More Tricks or Threats”

  1. Poets Rally Says:

    amazingly powerful.


  2. very creepy indeed.
    love the image you choose.

  3. I love the clever use of words, I had to read it twice.

  4. A clever write. You’ll find mine here.

  5. Morning Says:

    yeah, free him from bondage, a fun and haunting piece on top.

    Thanks for linking.

  6. Heaven Says:

    no more tricks or treats…the children will be sad…

    and yes, love and feel good about yourself ~

  7. Debbie Says:

    Oh this fit in so well with a conversation I am having with myself and someone else! Something has come up and it’s made me realize that this is the message I was getting and unfortunately, believing.
    Thank you sweet spoon, for helping us see it differently! 🙂

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