I Have Questions For You


Don’t worry there won’t be a  failing grade — I’ll give you 1 smiley for each answer. Cool, isn’t? It will be fun like when you were in nursery and the teacher gave you stars!

Here goes…

1. If money is not an issue, what kind of work would make you happy?

2. What is something you do that you think most people don’t do?

There — just 2 questions. Easier than mathematical problem! But then, if you like math here it is…

If we were asked to forgive seventy-seven times how many more is left out of the X number of forgiveness you have given? If you have reached that number, do you think you can extend it up to infinity?

Whew, that’s hard! But actually we are asked to forgive up to infinity — no?


Thank you all wonderful and cool people for your responses!

“Saya tidak bisa bicara bahasa Indonesia.” That means, “I don’t speak Indonesian.” — but I’m flying to Indonesia. See you in a few days!

Get in touch with yourself and be well, okay? Huggggs.


30 Responses to “I Have Questions For You”

  1. dragonkatet Says:

    Heya spoon! I’m trying to get caught up with reading all my blog subscriptions and thought I’d take a stab at answering your questions. 🙂

    1. If money is not an issue, what kind of work would make you happy?

    Money isn’t all that important to me, but it would be nice to not have to worry about it, so…if I didn’t have to worry about it, I think the kind of work that would make me happiest would be writing and/or drawing all day – something creative – maybe teaching others how to do it, too?

    2. What is something you do that you think most people don’t do?

    Random acts of kindness – it’s so important to remember that almost everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle. Most people are so self-absorbed that they don’t bother. Even if you never meet the person who benefits from your random act of kindness (like leaving change in a phone booth or randomly paying for someone else’s meal, etc.) you can feel good knowing that you’ve made the world just a little bit brighter for at least one person. 🙂

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Hopefully I can visit too all my blog friends this weekend — I miss everyone!

      Your presence is one of my blessings today. Thank you sooo much for sharing your random act of kindness — I’m inspired more! I haven’t seen yet your drawings — got to see some of those and would love to be your student, in writing as well. Hugggs and bless your good heart 🙂

  2. I somehow missed this part:

    “’Saya tidak bisa bicara bahasa Indonesia.’ That means, ‘I don’t speak Indonesian.’ — but I’m flying to Indonesia. See you in a few days!”

    Is this your first time to go there? Do you have relatives there? It sounds exciting! 🙂

    • bendedspoon Says:

      My first time and it’s a business trip. Quite exciting because around 90% of the population are Muslims. I am just so glad to be back home 🙂

  3. Jingle Says:

    interesting survey.

    Short Story Slam Week 4 is still open for submission,
    Come on in,
    We love your creativity/talent…
    Happy Thursday!
    Love & hugs.

  4. 1. Money isn’t an issue to me. I have very little of it but I don’t mind as long as I have the basics. I’ve never considered it when I am thinking of what I want to do. I’ve learned you honestly can live well on very little income. I am working on writing 250 new poems and when that’s done I want to try and get published. Aside from that I’d love to teach yoga/pilates/aquarobics
    2. Something I do that you don’t?
    I dance naked in my living room. I write a lot of poetry in the bath. I am totally freak out at see a bandaid disgusting lol

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Yes one can live well on very little income. Sometimes better than those who have big income 🙂 Dancing naked in the living room? You bet I won’t do that even if it can save me on laundry 🙂 Glad to hear that money isn’t an issue at all to you and you are working on your dreams! Hopefully I won’t post a band aid photo in here 🙂

  5. Ella M. Says:

    1. If money is not an issue, what kind of work would make you happy?

    Exactly what I’m going after, now. I want to be a helper, a friend, a voice of reason in people’s lives. I just want to make a positive impact, some way, some how.

    2. What is something you do that you think most people don’t do?
    Sometimes when I’m lonely I talk to myself in a French accent to make myself feel less alone.

    It’s weird, and cooky, but it is a comfort.

    • bendedspoon Says:

      I have no doubt you can achieve and be all of that Ella! I am now thanking God in behalf of all those persons whose lives you will be touching 🙂

      Ann of Green Gable talked to herself, right? I don’t find it weird Ella because bendedspoon talked to herself as well — but can’t do it in French because they are using fork 🙂

  6. jmjbookblog Says:

    Have a fun-tastic and safe trip, ‘spoon’. You will be missed while you are away. 🙂 For your first question it would have to be opening a recording studio where my whole family could be involved and my son could just record his music while I paid all the bills! 🙂 I support my son in his musical endeavors and have always gone to watch him perform…even when his band was playing hardcore and metal music. 🙂 I don’t think a lot of parents would learn to love the music their kids play. If I could forgive my ex for divorcing me after 34 years of marriage and remain friends…I can forgive anyone for anything. 🙂

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Jay I salute you! I know your mom has not been supportive of you and I admire how you turned it around for your children. Having someone who believe in your dreams could be the greatest gift — you have not only offered that gift but you are showing to them how not to give up dreaming 🙂 Your son is blessed to have a cool Mama. You rock! 🙂

      Remain friends after divorce — that is a great achievement in itself. God bless you forgiving woman 🙂

  7. Debbie Says:

    1. Well, if money were not an issue . . .I would probably still be doing what I’m doing now! 🙂
    2. Something(s) that I do that most people don’t . . .I give inanimate objects names with my daughter, and then I create the voice and personality for them. 🙂 (like our car is named Blizzard)
    3. I’m not good with math, but know that I must forgive each day, with His help and ask for forgiveness too! 🙂
    Will this do? God bless and love on you!
    p.s. Joshua. . .I have a 19 year old who also has trouble with nose picking. If you have someone with you, work out a secret signal for them to use to let you know to stop. (without shouting out . . .stop picking your nose!) 🙂

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Someone is happy with what she is doing — woot! And the best part is, so many are blessed — praise God for that! 🙂

      Names for inanimate objects? That is real cool Deb! Blizzard might like to join Lighting McQueen, Mater, and Sally of Disney Cars 🙂

      I am learning from you on forgiveness 😉 and I like the idea of secret signal — I could use that 🙂

  8. Ann Says:

    Thank you, Princess

    Now I’m going to have to think! 🙂

    1 – money not an issue? Not sure … I’d likely be somewhere teaching children about the importance of looking out for the next guy. If we can catch the little ones early, we can make a difference. Children are impressionable and will believe almost everything we tell them. Imagine how we could win our world for Christ if we share only good with them before they become polluted?

    2 – I ask store clerks not to give me bags for grocery. I take my own recyclable bags or boxes. I’ve been laughed at ridiculed but I still do it. I don’t mind one bit. I’m no tree hugger. I just think we need to take better care of what we have down here while we’re down here.

    What Joshua said about forgiveness. 😉


    • bendedspoon Says:

      Ann, how about starting with kid’s Sunday class? You will not just mold the movers of the future but the kiddos could lead their parents to God 🙂

      Laugh at someone who’s using a recyclable bags/boxes? That is something that others aren’t doing! In here, it’s encouraged by the grocery stores by having a peso off for each recyclable bag used. I salute those who consistently used recyclable bags and I salute you for I know you have forgiven those who laughed at you 🙂

  9. mariqia Says:

    1. If money is not an issue, I still want to be a photographer, and have my own studio. Or manage a resort, a spa…there are so many things I like to do..:)

    2. What is something you do that you think most people don’t do? I’m a bit OC..Sometimes I see things and then count them repeatedly haha

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Cel your shots are great. Would love to see you explore wedding photography and capture those special moments 🙂 Ahhh spa…yes!

      So I guess you will be counting your baby’s fingers and toes repeatedly 🙂

  10. 1. If money is not an issue, what kind of work would make you happy?

    This is hard to answer because there are so many different things I would like to do. I think I would want to work at one job like working in a bakery a few days, another working in flower beds a few days (when weather is nice), and another teaching children between the ages of 7 and 10 for a few days, and then another teaching a Bible Study or writing on my blog for a living. 🙂

    2. What is something you do that you think most people don’t do?

    I sometimes reach for the knob on the radio in my van that controls the volume (loudness) and turn it down when it isn’t even on if people are talking too loudly in the car. 🙂


    • “If we were asked to forgive seventy-seven times how many more is left out of the X number of forgiveness you have given? If you have reached that number, do you think you can extend it up to infinity?”

      This one was easy. No matter if I am in Heaven or Earth the answer is “No”. I forgive, but I do not forgive perfectly or up to infinity (they both mean the same to me)…so on earth I must say “No”

      In Heaven all things that cause pain will no longer exist, so there will be no opportunity for me to forgive. We can’t forgive what we have no knowledge of. 🙂


    • bendedspoon Says:

      Godly woman, if you bake bread it will be really good — there’s love in the ingredients! 🙂 And would wholeheartedly enroll my kiddos in your class if only we are near you!

      Promise I won’t talk loud in your car — but that’s hard when I’m so excited to see you! Love you Theresa 🙂

  11. Carol Lewis Says:

    I would love to continue to stay at home with my dog Alvin, write on my blog and do other writing and also continue to make jewelry with my daughter. In between do more volunteer work and continue to help keep my neighbourhood clean.
    Second question …. whoops, I have forgot what the question was. LOL. Oh, I remember now. I think that I am basically a happy, positive person and from my experience there are a lot of unhappy, negative people out there. Perhaps they are happy and positive but just do not show it. So, I say SMILE. Show on the outside what you are feeling on the inside.
    Have a great day.
    Listen to the thunder roar……

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Hello Carol! You are a blessing to the world! 🙂 Thank you for sharing what you are currently doing and your positivity! I heard the thunder roar — sounds like a heavenly gong 🙂

  12. Chatter Master Says:

    BendedSpoon I love you!

    Okay my answers.

    1. If money was not part of the equation I would own/run a bike store with a coffee and tea shop in it with lots of room for people to come in and sit. To draw. To write. To sing. To just be around others. Every one would be welcomed by every one. Every one would be asked how they are feeling. And someone with tea knowledge much better than mine would help pick out a tea to soothe, or energize or comfort.

    2. I am having a very hard time coming up with an answer for this one.

    So I’ll answer the math one. I have failed at forgiving. I expect it, but I don’t always do it. I want to reach infinity with my forgiveness. I will keep trying.


    • bendedspoon Says:

      I love you too energetic and awesome Colleen! And I would love to stay in your coffee/tea shop! I will drink tea! I will draw! I will write! And yes, sing too! I feel so welcome already and who will leave your place without feeling great? 🙂 Give it a go Colleen! If there is Starbucks there could be Chatterbucks — where one could try practicing the art of forgiveness as well 😉

  13. Rea, Great questions! Here are my answers:

    1. I would be an author and an inspiration Christian speaker, and not charge for my seminars or retreats.
    2. I read my Bible, especially the Old Testament. Sadly, I think there are a lot of people who don’t do that, even Christians.
    3. I don’t care for math, especially story problems, so I’ll just ask God to help me forgive to infinity and so not have to count or calculate. 😉

    Have a great trip to Indonesia! Peace, Linda

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Bravo! — that is God giving you an applause Linda 🙂 Who knows, one day I might be attending your seminar/retreat and I’ll have my signed copy of your book!
      I am guilty of not understanding the whole Bible enough — and I understand God has forgiven me more than 77 times already 🙂

      Hugggs and peace to you Linda!

  14. Joshua H Wu Says:

    1. If money is not an issue, then serving and blessing others without them knowing would be the best kind of work! When you realize that someone did something for you without telling you, that is an amazing joy! haha

    Though, this is something that does not require money to accomplish! Have to not be lazy and go do it!

    2.I think most people do not pick their nose in public. It’s a habit that I can’t seem to get rid of… somebody help me!

    and I don’t think I’ve ever forgiven someone over 77 times, and if I had to it would be easier to just forgive forever, just as Christ has done for us!

    Praise God!

    • bendedspoon Says:

      Josh, because you thought of it I am sure you will do it! And I am smiling now for those people who will be blessed by you!
      And if a woman falls in love with you while you are picking your nose, someone picked her especially for you 😉

      You are special, talented, and awesome Josh. I can see God smiling with overflowing love when He watch you everyday 🙂

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